Who IS DJ Pep?

United Kingdom DJ of the year and North West DJ of the year and Sony Radio Presenter nominated, making the art of playing records with entertainment and showmanship cool and hip like Sinatra / Deano / Sammy / Buble,and of course my showbizzz pal mr Robbie Williams.....with less serious and far more fun back in to funtastic night clubs ......agree ? well read on..... i was 7 yrs old sat on the ballroom stage steps at Pontins Middleton Towers Morecambe watching the legendary Harry Bence Orchestra Swing. From that moment the showbizzz bug had got me With a childhood up bringing of Butlins and Pontins holiday camps their was never going to be any lows, just hi-de-hi's.... I once wrote to mr Peter Stringfellow for DJ advice when i had just left school, he loved my initiative and personally invited me down to the London Hippodrome for an all expenses paid weekend - now that's entertainment!!!! A kid at beyond world beatsbox champion the other night asked me what does PEP stand for ......Possitive Energy Person.


Come Dine With Me C4

Come dine with me show director Lee Servis saw a different angle to this show where the cooking came second and the entertainment & hosting came first , i was invited after filming too ITV Towers London to watch the show edited together wot a showbizzz honour.


Click on the Come Dine With Me image to watch the episode!

May The best House Win ITV1

Once again may the best house win director wanted more humour & funny,s in this show & less of the house,s
so the director gave me freedom to be a little mad & funny.

The Weakest Link BBC1

When I was working in radio THE BAY 96.9 fm the BBC sent an email to every radio station in the country , they was wanting to make a national radio presenters weakest link so little me from a local radio station sent my application form in , the BBC soon got back to me and wanted me as the 12 contestant , if a presenter couldnt make the show i was stand in replacement well i went down to paramount studios london for filming and met national radio presenters from big radio stations and ere was little me from THE BAY well all the presenters turned up so I never got on show drat !!!!!!! UNTILL i was on stage @ Knebworth with robbie williams in front of 135.000 people and live on radio one preposing to my then girl friend where in the crowd was director from BBC weakest link, a phone call was then made to me monday morning to appear in my own right on the weakest link BBC 1 and the bastards voted me off first !!!!! Iwas walking past Ann and she said the entertainment is now leaving the show.


Hitman & Her

On a Saturday evening @ liquid wrexham, MISY Dj, a very talented female dance Dj with her massive clubland 2012 dance tune ( you got the love ) meets mr pep as they bring back to life Pete waterman & Michaela strachan itv show

Misy DJ

As seen on National TV and official Radio 1 chart topping albums...Misy DJ has many residencies and guest appearances at major night spots across the UK. She has the amazing ability to mix up the biggest commercial tracks seamlessly, giving the ultimate high energy 'Hands in the Air' set that is guaranteed to turn heads and give customers a 1st class clubbing experience. misy_dj@yahoo.co.uk

The Pep Project

A pep production which shows a MTV crib style visit to the pep pad before the national tv shows got in thier, with tongue in cheek humour and a cameo appearance from B.E.D.A. Chairman the very showbizzzz MR JOHN HAYES.

DJ Sammy at Synergy

Opening night. DJ Pep meets DJ Sammy... a match made in DJ Heaven !!!!!

BEDA Award

DJ Pep being awarded a night club industry B.E.D.A. ( Night Club Oscar ) @ the Hilton from Mr Peter Stringfellow himself....what an honour !

Pep TV

Pepster in showbizzz action with the talented cast of the students of Preston filmed on location @ New York New York night club , with a come dine with me / cookin with pep advert spoof in the middle letting his now global fan base know that he still can't cook but as he now found the ideal dinner date ??? THE DJ PEP SHOW ,shows why he is on a mission to put the fun back into night clubs.

Glamour Search UK

DJ Pep, glamour host, travels the UK with this hot hot show looking for the UK,s hottest pole dancer, which hottie will dance around Pep's pole and carry off the title?


On the DJ Pep radio show 96.9 the bay , a hyper showbizzz breakfast show with DJ Pep friend to the stars!


A fun filled BBC competition where the beeb was looking for a radio presenter with the gift. The X factor show of radio where after thousands auditioned and after many heats and radio challenges DJ Pep and Steve Lowe were the chosen finalists.